Audi Lease Return Options in San Jose, CA at Audi Stevens Creek
We will pay you $500 for your Lease Return!*
Now through November 1st, 2021, regardless of where you leased your Audi, we'll pay you $500* when you return your lease with Audi Stevens Creek.

Fill out the form below or call us at 888-439-6179 to schedule your lease return or for more information.

How can we help?

What are my end of lease options?

  • Option 1: Turn in your vehicle and get a new one. Start by scheduling a lease-end inspection, and then check out current models. After your inspection, contact us to turn in your current lease vehicle.
  • Option 2: Make it yours by contacting us. Our finance department will work with you on finding a competitive rate to finish paying off your leased vehicles to make it your own! This option is great because you're getting a pre-owned value for a car only you've driven.
  • Option 3: Extend your Lease. If you would like to keep driving your current vehicle, please contact us to see if you qualify for a lease extension.

What are the benefits of leasing a new Audi?

  • New warranty coverage
  • Get the latest technology and performance updates
  • Option to try a different Audi model

What are the benefits of purchasing a new Audi?

  • Personalize your Audi
  • No mileage limits
  • Owning your Audi also means an option to sell it
  • No monthly payments after paid off

How do I purchase my current Audi?

Leasing payments work by calculating the diminishing value of the Audi over time, as such we'll work with you to seamlessly turn your lease payments into a monthly financing plan. 

What are the benefits of buying my current Audi?

  • You know the latest owner
  • The price has already been determined via the residual value
  • Purchase your vehicle, as-is, with the remaining factory warranty coverage; or you can add an extended warranty.

Where do I turn in my leased Audi?

You can turn in your Audi to any authorized Audi dealer, all you have to do is contact us to set-up a turn-in appointment.

How do I stop Auto Pay after I turn in my Audi?

If you decide to turn in your vehicle while monthly payments still remain, please ensure that you stop automatic bill payment with us or your bank, if applicable. To stop the Audi Financial Services automatic bill payment, simply log in to your Audi Financial Services account or call us at (866) 277-8191 to discontinue this service.

Please note: If your request is received within five days of your scheduled withdrawal date, a payment will still be deducted from your account. This final payment will be applied to any remaining balance on your Turn-In Settlement Invoice.

What charges may be included on the final Turn-In Settlement Invoice?

You may be responsible for:
  • Excess wear and use charges
  • Excess mileage charges
  • Any remaining payments and/or charges specified in your lease agreement that haven't been paid
  • Taxes and/or state fees or fines
  • Disposition fee,* when applicable
*The disposition fee on your current lease will be waived if you purchase your current leased vehicle or lease or purchase a new or Certified pre-owned Audi through Audi Financial Services within 120 days of returning your Audi model.

Can I turn in my Audi early?

You may turn in your vehicle up to 30 days before your scheduled lease maturity date. If you turn in your vehicle more than 30 days prior to your scheduled lease maturity date, you will be terminating your lease early, and you will receive an early termination invoice within 2-12 weeks of returning the vehicle.

*Audi Stevens Creek must purchase your lease return. Eligible leases will receive $500, which will be delivered by check in the mail within 10 business days. Customer is responsible for any excess mileage, wear & use, and applicable turn-in fees through financed bank. All Audi lease returns qualify. Lease return does not imply commitment to pay any remaining payments on existing lease term. This offer must be mentioned at time of inspection. Expires November 1st, 2021.