Electric/Hybrid New Vehicles

ALSO eligible for the California Clean Fuel Reward - Up to $1,500 off the purchase or lease of an eligible new Battery Electric (BEV) or Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) vehicle.
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Enjoy a Luxury Hybrid or Electric Vehicle from the Audi Line-up


A hybrid vehicle is one that is powered by a combustion engine that runs on both gasoline and an electric motor. It has an attached rechargeable battery pack for electric-powered driving. A fully electric, plug-in vehicle means your vehicle is powered entirely on electricity. Today, Audi offers a full line of luxury hybrid or fully electric cars from which to choose. Audi has the luxury car you want. Whether you are looking for a sporty sedan or a roomier crossover with hybrid or EV capabilities. 


What Are the Benefits of Driving A Plug-In or Hybrid Audi? 

One thing that cannot be overlooked is that a hybrid vehicle and a plug-in EV vehicle do not work in the same way. However, both types of alternatively powered cars produce less air pollution and greenhouse emission than conventional vehicles. Battery-powered cars can be powered through green energy sources, such as solar or wind. In these cases, charging and operating an EV Audi is nearly emission-free.  


What Type of Electric Car Should I consider? 

The Audi line-up includes fully electric, hybrid electric, and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Knowing your goals and how you will drive your car will help you determine which luxury Audi model is best for you. 

  1. Plug-In Hybrids are vehicles that are recharged through a regular 120V outlet. These models offer increased environmental protections and lower refueling costs than a typical car. 
  2. Battery Electric cars use electricity as their only fuel source. Drivers must mitigate driving distances with charging stations.
  3. Conventional Hybrids are cars that retain the range and convenience of a conventional vehicle. They also offer an electric motor's increased efficiency. These cars obtain all of their power from gasoline or diesel. And although they have an electric motor, they are not considered electric vehicles. 


Why Purchase a Luxury Audi Electric or Hybrid Vehicle? 

The simple benefit is that you get to luxuriate in the comfort and power of an Audi. All while enjoying the innovative technology that offers green benefits. The Audi lineup of electric and hybrid vehicles gives you the choice of models that answer to your needs. Audi is committed to reducing CO2 emissions without sacrificing the details that make driving an Audi enjoyable and fun.  


Visit Audi Stevens Creek to Learn More 

Like all Audi vehicles, the best way to experience an electric or hybrid vehicles' power and detail are from behind the wheel. Our team of highly trained sales professionals can walk you through the difference between our electric and hybrid models. We want to ensure you drive home in the vehicle that makes the most sense for you and your driving needs. Visit us daily at 3350 Stevens Creek Blvd in San Jose, CA. Or call to schedule an appointment at 888-439-6179.