Even if you are brand-new to the purchasing process, you may know a little bit about what’s involved. To be fair, purchasing a vehicle is a very straightforward process. However, one question we get a lot pertains to monthly prices. In particular, why are leases more cost-effective per month than buying a car?

The main reason why this discrepancy exists is actually very straightforward. When you buy a car, you are paying for its total value. That is expressed in its ticket price. You cover that price by taking out an automotive loan. Then, with the size and length of the loan, your APR, and your down payment, you calculate your monthly payment.

When you lease a vehicle, you are not paying for a vehicle’s full value. Rather, you are paying for its depreciation during the time you are driving it. This, couple with a down payment, helps keep your monthly cost low. That’s also why leasing is a good short-term investment, but a bad long-term one.

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