Newer vehicles leave the 3,000-mile myth in their dust

Whether you are driving a recently built car or SUV, there is one thing that we at Audi Stevens Creek want you to know about when it comes to oil changes. You may have heard that ideally, you are to change your vehicle's oil every 3000 miles in order to keep your vehicle's engine components in top shape. This is not the standard anymore, and this myth was based on older vehicles that did not have the technology built into them that today's vehicles do.

Oil changes that occur every 3000 miles on newer cars are a waste of time. The oil isn't even close to being at the end of its life, and by getting your oil changed more frequently, you are just pouring money down the drain. Not only that, but the more people who follow the 3000-mile myth means that there is an excessive amount of oil that is going into the waste population that doesn't need to.
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