Regular Maintenance Schedule Includes Important Air Filter Inspections

There are two filters that you need to be aware of that need inspecting on a regular basis. The cabin and engine air filter are essential to a regular maintenance schedule.

The cabin air filter's primary function is to shield the interior of your vehicle from harmful air particles within San Jose. Most of those particles come for other cars and trucks on the road. Those emissions create air pollutants that are harmful to you as well as your passengers.

The engine air filter is not only helpful for eliminating the same type of air particles, but also for helping with the engine performance. A dirty engine air filter can contribute to:

• Decreased Fuel Economy
• Reduction of Horsepower
• Unusual Engine Sounds
• Engine Light Warning
• Engine Misfiring

When you schedule your vehicle maintenance at Audi Stevens Creek, ask about having your cabin and engine air filters inspected. Don't forget to use our online service scheduler!
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