Things You Need to Know about Tire Care

Just like any other part of the vehicle, tires requiring proper care for them to last long enough and serve their intended purpose. Worn-out tires will cost you cash and risk your safety and that of others at the same time. The good is that taking care of the tires is quite simple. Audi Stevens Creek recommends the following guidelines to make your car tires roadworthy at all times.

Regular Pressure Checking

Your tires will over time and especially when the weather is too hot or cold. Failure to inflate them in good time will cause uneven wear on the tread and lower your car’s gas mileage.

Keep Them Aligned

Proper tire alignment is critical to keep an even wear on the tread. Unevenly worn tires are highly prone to hazardous blowouts. Check for any indicators of misalignment by examining the shoulders of the tires for signs of wear.

Tire Rotation

It is recommended you rotate the tires during alignment as part of the vehicle’s routine maintenance. Audi Stevens Creek in San Jose offers unique tire maintenance services needed to keep you and your car safe.

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