Road Trip Safety Planning Tips for this Summer

Being able to make the most of your summer vacations starts with the planning of your road trip. Follow along with this safety checklist and you can eliminate the majority of trouble that could keep your car on the side of the road instead of your final destination.

  • Be sure that you keep a pair of jumper cables in the trunk in case you have a dead battery during your journey.
  • Put a gas can in the trunk and you will be in a better position of you run out of fuel.
  • Keep a few flashlights and plenty of new batteries in the car because breaking down at night is not safe on a deserted road.
  • Bring along a roll of duct tape to fix minor trouble with the car and to get you safely to a service station.
Stop by and one of our service techs can give your car a full pre-road trip inspection before you leave.
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