Curb Appeal and Then Some: Five Reasons to Check Out the 2017 Audi A7

Every model in the Audi lineup has its own unique curb appeal, but the 2017 A7 raises the bar with looks that transcends the brand’s styling. Boasting five doors beneath an elegant, tapered roof, it promises speed and performance, and delivers. But what’s inside is just as impressive as its eye-catching exterior.

If there’s one thing Audi’s good at, it’s interiors, and the A7’s is one of the best. Standard leather, an assortment of easy-to-use, cutting-edge technology, and comfortable soft touch surfaces are just the tip of the iceberg. An 8-inch display rises from the center stack, and there’s more than enough space for drivers and passengers. As an added bonus, rear seat leg-room is quite generous, and a 24.5 cu-ft trunk gifts plenty of practicality.

Watch the video above to get four more reasons why you should test drive the A7. If these reasons speak to you, our Audi dealership in San Jose, CA would be happy to schedule you a test drive appointment.

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